Driving Change With Art Ltd operates globally, through a network of artists, creative minds & specialists of human behaviour. 


The ART EXCHANGE program illustrates some of our ongoing partnerships within the creative community and beyond:

  • A vibrant international artist network in London, Paris and New York, including for instance Xavier Roux, Jean Nestares, Antoine Poupel, Deborah Sommers & the Outdoorz Gallery, Lindsay Pickett.
  • Forward thinking companies such as ELX Art (London - Geneva), SHHIM (New York), ADVANCY | Worldwide Strategy Consulting.
  • Psychologists and coaches at the forefront of research and innovative thinking, in the fields of human behaviour and management.

Driving change with art was Founded in 2015 by Joelle Deroy, International artist & HEC graduate, with 18+ parallel experiences of the art world and global corporations.

Next to her artistic career as painter and ceramist -in New York City, Paris, Zermatt and Vallauris- she served as international Consultant and Executive Head of consulting and financial services groups in Paris, New York and Milan -Arthur Andersen, Zurich Financial Services and Groupama.