Drift, Data, Discuss


In peter hopkins' -New york ARTIST & creator of the citydrift art game- own words...

"The basic paradox of the act of creativity is that when one is trying to be creative one is not, and yet anyone can be creative so long as they try not to be."



What is citydrift?

citydrift is always about seeking to find a small place where for a few hours those involved may take a vacation from consciousness, from thinking, from seriousness, from productivity, from “directed-ness”, from language... from all the conditions that keep us from a place of actual mental freedom. By letting go of all these preconceptions of what Creativity looks like, we can for a brief moment, actually engage it.


Why citydrift london?

citydrift is part of the new discussion taking place within ART EXCHANGE, staging art not only as an object, but also as an experience.

The world is changing rapidly, art is our best tool to make sense of it. In the game, we will explore together -through art and citydrift- the concept of change.


How to DRIFT?

citydrift is played in teams of 5 to 10 persons. Size matters. 5-8 drifters with two “team leaders” are great. Too many is cumbersome; too few will not give the energy we want. 

The teams will go on a drifting quest of virtual or material data (duration: about 1 hour), in London. Drifts should try and emphasize some aspect of spacial, or cognitive dislocation. Think not just of walking, but of listening, smelling, hearing the city. 

Each team leader will receive beforehand instructions regarding how best to enhance the drifting of his team. The key function of the drift team leaders is to be playful and encouraging. 

The departure point of the drift will be Candid Arts Trust gallery (second floor).



Data is anything that one finds, sees, collects, or removes from a drift. The data collected will be the building stones of an artwork to be created (one per team).

The artworks will be presented on Saturday and juried on the following day, by a jury of 3 ART EXCHANGE artists. The elected winning team will be announced at Candid Arts Trust on Sunday 25th at 3pm, and he will receive a collaborative piece of art.


what about creation?

The creation of the artworks will be under the coaching of Peter Hopkins himself, assisted by other artists.

In addition, a ground-breaking mapping of artistic creation -with examples stemming from the ART EXCHANGE exhibition- will be presented beforehand, in order to help all participants free their creative juices and not be uncombered by any preconcieved ideas of what artistic creativity is. 



The discussion will take place not only in the course of the game (Saturday), but also on the following day (Sunday afternoon). It is initiated on Sunday at the Talk "citydrift: Drift Data, Discuss" (3 to 3:30pm) and we encourage all players, to attend the discussion on Sunday, if possible. 


Expect to have fun... Expect the unexpected!


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